Author Topic: WLi-U2-G300N The Best Wireless Adapter Ever But How Can I buy...  (Read 3565 times)


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   I bought a WLi-U2-G300N and I can't believe the how great it works!  Every product I tried gave me two bars in my master bedroom far from the router and this product gives me 5 Bars in the very same location.  Problem.  I want to buy another but, I bought this on a closeout at Circuit City for only 34.00 and I can't find it anywhere in the United States.  What gives?  It's is the best product I have ever used.  Where can I find it in the USA?


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Re: WLi-U2-G300N The Best Wireless Adapter Ever But How Can I buy...
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On September 19, 2008, the U.S. Court of Appeals for theFederal Circuit remanded CSIRO v. Buffalo back to the district court,ruling that the district court's Summary Judgment was insufficient onthe merits of obviousness of CSIRO's patent. Therefore, this case willbe tried again before the district court.


Buffalo is confidentthat the final decision will be favorable and that the injunction willbe lifted. However, at the present time, Buffalo is unable to supplywireless LAN equipment compliant with IEEE 802.11a and 802.11gstandards in the United States.


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