Author Topic: Very slow copying process to Buffalo DriveStation External Hard Disk  (Read 2028 times)


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I am using Buffalo DriveStation External Hard Disk (HD-HS500U2) to archive data files in my personal computer via XCOPY method. Recently, I accidentally disconnected the hard disk during the XCOPY process, and the entrie hard disk became unreadable in my Windows 7 PC. After I connected the hard disk to PC's USB2 port, my Win7 PC only showed it as a G drive without volume and size information.  Any attempts trying to access and analyze this hard disk became extremely slow process in Win7.  After spent many hours on this hard disk, I was finally able to reformat the disk and create a partition using Windows 7's tools.  and the hard disk looks normal now in my PC.  However, when I try to copy all my archived data from my secondary backup hard disk to this Buffalo external hard disk, it become unbeliveablely slow.  I have 456 GB, 135K files to be copied to this hard disk, and my Windows PC currently is showing that the copying spped is 2.12 MB/Second and still have 22 hours to go after running almost 24 hours.


Everytime, when I am trying to access this hard disk during the copy process, the Windows 7 keeps telling me that I need to reformat the hard disk, though I can see everything seems nromal on this hard disk, except the slowness. Given these rather strange symptoms on my hard disk, can someone tell me whether my hard disk reached its end of life, and I should just replace it with a new one, or it is just a normal when copying a very large volume of data. I don't usually do these things and don't want to just try and try, as it is just too time consuming.


Appreciate if someone could give me some advices.


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