Author Topic: LS-v2.0TL Linkstation name works on my win 7 machine, but not on my win 2008 server machine  (Read 962 times)


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i set up my LS-v2.0TL linkstation and have upgraded the firmware and am using the latest version of NASNavigator2.  I name the linkstation AAA and it has the IP address  I have 2 computers (one with win 7 and one with windows server 2008) on the same domain and both use the same DNS server on my network.  in windows explorer on the win 7 machine, i see AAA in the network and can click on it and see the shared folders.  on the win 2008 server i also see in in the network, but when i click on AAA it cannot connect to it.  on the win 2008 server NASNavigator2 recognizes the linkstation fine.  and i can go to web settings on the win 2008 machine and can login and see the control panel fine.  

The software i am using needs to use the network location \\AAA so I need to get this fixed.  Can any one help please?