Author Topic: What is the purpose of Pogoplug Cloud?  (Read 1081 times)


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What is the purpose of Pogoplug Cloud?
« on: September 17, 2012, 03:08:41 pm »

Hi, I can't figure out something here.  I installed the CS-WVA59 - I mapped the pogo drive, noticed it was incredible SLOW, called support and they informed me that the file transfer for pogoplug was through pogoplug servers!  Yikes!  Mind you, my initial load of data was from a device 3 inches away!  So on their suggestion I mapped a local (non pogoplug drive).  Cool, done and data is moving quickly now.


Now then, I look on the web interface and see two "devices", one is the "Pogoplug Cloud" and that has some of the data I started to transfer on the mapped pogoplug drive.  Then I also see the CS-WVA59, and it has ALL the data on there that transferred on the mapped drive.


So this begs the question, what is the purpose of Pogoplug Cloud?  Some kind of feature?


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Re: What is the purpose of Pogoplug Cloud?
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2012, 07:16:20 am »

Pogoplug is a service that allows u to map your drive everywhere, probably is slow, but for example. you can be with your notebook anywhere in the world and you can access your harddrive directly from the pogoplug drive.


the pogoplug cloud, is 5GB of free (you can purchase more if you want) cloud space. its like dropbox, so you can put files there.


what i do is to mirror my documents to that cloud, in that way im always sure that even if some day at home the electricity shuts off, im going to have access at least to the documents folder cuz those documents are in the cloud.


you can access them all from any computer, anywhere in the world, even from android or iphone.