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 I need some help I have a Linkstation Live (CHL) 1TB model. I have had it for about about a month now.

 I had it all setup and working properly and it was great. I and my friends I gave user accounts to were able to access my Linkstation one of three ways 1) FTP Client, 2) site and 3) Web.

 However in the past week and a half when I was gone and out of town I tried to access my Linkstation from away and could not connect. I figured it could have been just me or where I was at.

 However I started to receive a couple emails from my friends asking if something was wrong, right then and there I knew it was not me and was something else.

 When I got back home I checked it out and could not find anything wrong. I powered it off and powered it back on.....Nothing same efffect cannot connect to it at all.

 I then checked my router to make sure it was still setup properly and was forwarding the FTP port to the Linkstation, everything was setup like before.


 I do not know what the problem is at all. I and neither can my friends connect to my Linkstation at all either through the site, via an FTP client or through the web.


 I need some help and any help would be greatly appreciated.




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   Are you able to access the GUI and shares from your local network? What info is being displayed in the Nas Navigator?
PM me for TFTP / Boot Images / Recovery files  LSRecovery.exe file.


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Yes I am able to access the drive from my network and also through NAS Navigator.

But neither my friends or I  still cannot get in through FTP, Buffalonas and web.

 I checked my Router and it has the FTP port forward on and directed to my Linkstations IP within my network. It was working previously just fine until a week ago when it stopped working.

 What do you mean what info is being displayed in the NAS Navigator? Do you mean the information in the lower right corner?