Author Topic: "Storage not available" and "not accepting full permissions"  (Read 1097 times)


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Hi friends,
My company has purchased Buffalo Tera Station(Network Attached Storage) of 8TB and the Model no. is : TS-RVHB.OTL/R6; Firmware version:1.10; The following are the steps i did:

Step1: I configured RAID 5 and now it is showing as the storage is available.
Step2: Then I enabled LVM and now the actual problem is it is showing as thestorage is not available.
Step3: Then i created volume group with some size let it be 2TB.
Step4: Now i created a shared folder and i mounted that volume group to this folder. And so the folder is created with the size of 2TB.

Step5: And now i mounted that shared folder of Buffalo Storage to a directory which i created in Linux machine. Till now everything is ok.

Step6: But when i am giving full permissions to that mount point in the linux machine, it is not accepting full permissions. It is showing only default permissions ie., 755 or rwx,r-x,r-x. So only root can able to copy/modify the data, but the others can not.


Finally, I am having two problems here:

1: Storage is not available but still it is working fine and i dont know about future.

2: That folder is not accepting full permissions in Linux.


So Please help me!!! and Thanks in advance.