Author Topic: A folder shows empty on Windows while it is full on a Mac  (Read 1037 times)


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A folder shows empty on Windows while it is full on a Mac
« on: May 13, 2012, 01:47:07 pm »

I have LS-WXL037 with 1.54 firmware. I have a share with both Apple and Windows sharing enabled. There are two folders there with a lot of stuff in them. One folder shows up fine on Windows, but the other one shows empty. I can see it perfectly fine on a Mac.The share is accessed with read-write permissions on the Mac and with read permissions on Windows.


Why would this happen? Is it that there are some file names in the folder that were created on the Mac that just disable Windows sharing? If so, how could I go about fixing the problem? Would incompatible file names deeper in the folder hierarchy be a problem too?


EDIT: Actually, it seems that I can see the content of the folder with the user that has the read/write permissions. The folder I can access with both users shows 3 groups with read/write permissions, but the one I cannot access shows one group (unknown) with read/write permissions, and two other groups (unknown and everyone) with "custom" permissions. I don't seem to be able to fix the permissions though. How would I go about it?