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Storage / Re: Noob needs help with LS210d
« Last post by babybio on September 08, 2020, 02:14:28 pm »
Thanks. As I say I won't be rushing to try it but I will keep your site bookmarked just in case.
Storage / Re: LS220 transfer speeds
« Last post by babybio on September 08, 2020, 02:12:46 pm »
I have just bought an ls210 and searching for info on it I came across a comment saying the same thing that it struggles with smb2. I think there is even a message in the settings that it will be slower if you select smb2.

I always wondered why manufacturers stuck to smb1 for so long after it was superceeded but I suppose it allowed them to use cheaper and slower hardware.

Microsoft have removed smb1 from Win10 though because of its secruity problems so I don't know how your pc would be sometimes using it unless you have added it back manually.
Storage / Re: Web access works over cell, but not through router
« Last post by Krydos on September 08, 2020, 01:09:35 pm »
Thanks for the reply. The domain name and DNS is definitely set up right. My computer resolves the IP correctly from the domain name.

The issue seems to be that the NAS is no longer responding on port 443, and I have no idea why. Usually if you connect to an IP address like xx.xx.xx.xx:443 you will get a certificate error because you're not connecting to the domain name in the certificate, but browsers allow you to use the certificate anyways after a warning about it not being secure. The 1400R won't even do that because port 443 is completely closed and non-responsive for some reason.

Like I said last night, I'm going to try getting it on to the latest firmware, and see if that helps. I'll post back after that is done. Thanks again.
Storage / Crashed LS420D8A8
« Last post by RedArrow on September 08, 2020, 11:35:50 am »
Hi. If this is a duplicate post I apologise.
Following several power cuts my LS420D8A8 is showing a continuous error signal of 2 long red flashes and 2 short red flashes that the manual says to format the drives.
Prior to the power cuts the unit was running fine.  I cannot turn the unit off on the power switch.  I have turned the mains off with the power switch off and turned on with the same error.  I can Ping the unit but not see it with Win 10 even putting in the IP address and the navigator does not find it.

I have tried the WEB Interface but just get a grey screen with a few slightly different boxes but no interface.

Since original post I removed the drives and turned the unit on and go 7 short red flashes, software corupt.

Has anyone any suggestions?


Post Note

I contacted Buffalo Technical Support Portal (  They were very helpful, although out of warranty, and provided information to restore the unit back to working although I lose the data.  I can give more details if anyone need help.

Storage / Re: Noob needs help with LS210d
« Last post by 1000001101000 on September 08, 2020, 09:22:18 am »
There are a few advantages. It allows you to install any program that you want and to use newer versions of programs like samba, which allows you to enable things like SMB3 if you want. It also allows you to use the USB port with any device that the Linux kernel supports rather than just USB drives. The ability to run newer programs gets more important the longer the devices get out of support, many of the older devices don't even support SMB2.

The main disadvantage is that there is some linux knowledge/manual configuration required, particularly for samba. Some folks have used configuration programs like OMV and Webmin to varying levels of success they both run pretty slow on these devices. Also, some of the stock firmware features are not open-source. So if you rely on something like webaccess you'd need to find a different solution under Debian.

Storage / Re: Web access works over cell, but not through router
« Last post by 1000001101000 on September 08, 2020, 09:05:08 am »
There are DNS and routing related reasons this could be failing depending on your exact setup.

If you are trying to connect via domain name (both resolving to WAN address) in both cases: It could be that your router isn't set up to properly route traffic addressed to your WAN IP from within your LAN. This is the case on my network as well and is pretty normal for most types of router. I believe I could set up a rule in mine to make this work but I've never looked into it.

If you're connecting via ip/hostname for the local connection: It could be that your SSL cert is specific to (it's specific to some url) then attempting to connect to etc would receive an SSL error.

There could be other reasons for the failure too (I've never used this feature) but I see these types of problems with similar things frequently.
Storage / Re: Web access works over cell, but not through router
« Last post by Krydos on September 08, 2020, 01:19:11 am »
If anyone is curious, I think the issue might be with the SSL certificate. The NAS isn't responding on port 443 at all anymore for some reason even though a valid SSL certificate is installed, and SSL used to work. I have been trying Chrome and Firefox on all of my computers with http and https and both say connection refused through these browsers. On a whim I decided to try Microsoft Edge *cringe* and for whatever reason that browser works. Maybe Chrome and Firefox remember that SSL used to work on this IP, or these browsers are blocking the non-secure connection for some reason but Edge doesn't block it? I'm not a browser expert so this is odd to me that only mobile Safari and Edge work.

Anyways, there is a firmware update available, so I'm going to try installing that next, but not tonight. I'll install the firmware update tomorrow and update you all if I figure anything else out.
Storage / Re: Noob needs help with LS210d
« Last post by babybio on September 07, 2020, 06:11:07 pm »
Thanks for the reply and the help. I managed to run smartctl via the gui acp commander. The drive passed the test and reported only 45 hours use. I think the noise is just that the 210 case is so thin and has the large vents on the top that the drive sounds louder than one running in a normal pc case. I had been concerned whether it had had more use than the seller was indicating.

Having established that I updated the firmware to the latest version using the manual installer and that went fine.

Now I just need to go back and read the manual and get it set up to work as I want.

I see your site has info on installing debian on to the 210. I am not intending on trying that any time soon but what are the advantages of doing that? Are you still running it as and nas or doing something else with it?
Storage / Web access works over cell, but not through router
« Last post by Krydos on September 07, 2020, 03:11:03 pm »
I've searched for like an hour and I can't find the solution to my problem so I'm making a post. It's probably something super simple that I'm overlooking.

I have a Buffalo Terastation 1400R in my server cabinet. It has a static IP, and a domain name. It's working perfectly fine, and all of the data is there, and all the NFS shares are still working, but for some reason I can no longer access the web interface through my home router. Oddly enough I can access it through my cell phone as long as it isn't connected to my home router's wifi though. The same cell phone refuses to connect if it's going through the home router. I've tried on multiple computers and multiple browsers within the home router network. It always gives xx.xx.xx.xx refused to connect in the browser. I've opened a command prompt on the same computer within the home router network and ran the command

telnet xx.xx.xx.xx 80

and it works, and I can see it gets data from the NAS on port 80. That means it's not blocked in a firewall, or blocked by my ISP, or anything. It's also odd because it used to work just fine from my home internet connection. I think it may have been a firmware update on the NAS is when it stopped working. At the time I assumed the NAS just needed a reboot because the web access wasn't working, but all the NFS shares were still working. I finally got around to rebooting it yesterday and the web access still doesn't work.

Any ideas of what to try next?
Storage / Terastation mapped drive stops working
« Last post by mh1983 on September 07, 2020, 03:07:03 pm »
Hi, for years, I used Win 10 to map a network drive to my Terastation share (TX-XEL model). Lately, the mapped drive has stopped working. When I disconnect and remap the drive through Win 10, it works again, but usually within a day the drive stops being accessible again.

Any suggestions here? I have SMB1 enabled since the station doesn't support SMB2. It has Raid 5 and all drives are healthy.
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