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Authentication passwords for shares do not work.
Installed Buffalo LinkStation LS220DB 2021-03-10

Installed and created shares. All good there. Tried to require a password for a share. No amount of resetting and recreating or trials would allow a password to be accepted. Docs imply that you have to use the Microsoft password - didn't work.

Tried new password not used any where - no work.  Computer login password - no work. Computer 4 digit shortcut password - no work. Tried multiple computers with all the above - no work. (I have a desktop and 2 laptops I want to use and share).
Finally gave up and took passwords off altogether. That is the only thing that works.   

Open to any suggestions anyone may have.
Storage / LS420 - Filters in Backup
« Last post by RedArrow on April 11, 2021, 11:26:54 am »
Hi.  I have a LS420 and am backing upfrom my LS420 setup as a Raid 1 to a USB drive atached to the LS unit.  I do not want to back up everythingg in a shared drive and need to know how the Filter box works to limit what is transfered.  I cannot find any information on this feature.
I also cannot see how to attach a file as the Attachments and other options does not give the option of an attachement.
Storage / Re: creation dates of 2000 on a LS220DE with firmware 1.95
« Last post by oxygen8 on April 11, 2021, 02:17:30 am »

Is your Date correct?
Storage / Re: LS210 - Question on setting up Users
« Last post by oxygen8 on April 11, 2021, 02:13:50 am »
"Use the same username and password for both Windows and the LinkStation or you may be unable to access shared folders." Is this really necessary?

This is the easyest way. You will not asket for a password.

But you can use every other username and password. Windows an Linux will ask you, while you connect to the share.
Now you can safe the login and you will never asked for it.
Storage / LS210 - Question on setting up Users
« Last post by babybio on April 09, 2021, 02:21:20 pm »
I have an LS210. I want to use it as data storage that I can then access from several PCs with the NAS connected to my home router. Usually it is just myself that has access to the router but sometimes we may have guests who will access the internet through the router. I don't want them to have access to the NAS so I want to create a protected shared folder and then obviously to access it myself using a user account created on the LS210 with access rights.

Reading the manual section on creating users I saw something that puzzles me. One of the notes says "Use the same username and password for both Windows and the LinkStation or you may be unable to access shared folders." Is this really necessary?

With Win 10 the user password is also the Microsoft acc password and gives access to possibly emails, payment details, paid for services etc I feel uneasy using that password in the NAS. As the LS210 is mine and just connected to my home router it probably doesn't matter but it still makes me uneasy from a security pov.

So the first question is do I really have to use my Windows/Microsoft account name and password or can I setup a user on the LS210 with different credentials and then enter those when connecting to the NAS from windows? Or am I being too paranoid about using my Windows/MS details to set up a user on the NAS?

My second question is linked to the first. As I said I want to use the NAS from several PCs and different OS installs both windows and linux. Is it ok to user the same user account on the LS210 with all of my OS installs or should I have a different user for each OS/PC? If I use the same user from different PCs can I access the NAS ok if I am using more than one PC at the same time?

I had found this working link for ACP Commander
And this walk through guide to moving to SMB 2, which has worked for me!

NAS back and all my mapped drives
This version makes changing the root password and enabling telnet pretty easy:
LS-WVLE25, Win 10 20H2.
Came across this thread after loosing all my mapped drives on my NAS, looks to be the solution to my problem.
However, I don't know root's password to start the process, it isn't password.
I still have access to it through my browser using admin, and all my data is still appears to be there in their folders. What can I do?

PS. I have used WinSCP and PuTTY with my Raspberry PI so I moderately familiar with making an ssh connection.

I have read that ACP Commander would allow me to setup ssh but all links I have to that software have been closed.
Is this the only way?
All suggestions welcome!
That's a bit odd since the LS-WXL is usually the device I use to test that particular installer, though it has been a while. I'm assuming we're talking about the LS-WXL, the LS-XL definitely needs the bootstrap method (but doesn't have fans so I doubt that's what you mean).

I haven't used fancontrol much but when I did I found I had to set the thresholds much lower than would be intuitive to make it actually reduce fan speeds.

I have one LS-WXL device. Last year I tried the debian install with some success. There were some issues so that I would go back to the stock firmware.

First note was that I was able to install any other way than the boostrap method possibly due to low ram. I never was able to go through the installation as the device would crash. I believe is the ram that is limiting this.

After installing using the boostrap method. The main concern that I had is the fans running full speed. The fan speed testing runs through adjusting the fans correctly. But I was never able to adjust the fans to low speed.

It would be so cool if someone could put out a guide for this specific device (LS-WXL) for a full working installation.
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