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Storage / Re: LS220DE Array Rebuild Error
« Last post by davo on September 17, 2018, 05:54:29 pm »
Same in multiple browsers?
Storage / Backup Utility (Backup Disabled) message after using drive for several years
« Last post by jp2112 on September 17, 2018, 05:33:02 pm »
Here's what I have


Backup Utility s/w:
BUService.exe :  Version 1.00.20
BUTray.exe :  Version 1.11.50
BURestore.exe :  Version 1.11.42
BUAdmin.exe :  Version 1.01.30
BUSyncTime64.exe :  Version 1.00.2

I've been using this drive for over 4 years on two Win7 laptops without any problems.  About a month ago, one of my laptops started showing this message in the system tray when I hover over the icon
"Backup Utility (Backup Disabled)"
and so I can no longer perform an automatic incremental backup when I plug in the drive, even though it's recognized like always.
I tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling but that didn't change anything.
I also completely deleted all the backup folders for this laptop and started from scratch.  When I did this the software did prompt me to create a first backup, and then it proceeded to spend several hours copying files to the drive, but then it abruptly said that backup failed and it aborted with no record of having done anything.
There is plenty of room on this drive.
Anyone know why it's not working anymore?
What would cause backup to be disabled?
Basically how do I get back to a condition as if it's new out of the box?
Storage / LS220DE Array Rebuild Error
« Last post by muellerdf on September 17, 2018, 05:28:14 pm »
I am having a problem with my LS220DE ... I had a drive fail, so I installed a new unformatted drive of the same size/model, went to use the Recover RAID Array option as instructed, entered the confirmation code, and got the Rebuilding Array error ... The parameters for the specified method are invalid
I am using the latest firmware version 1.70.  Since I have considerable data on the functioning drive, I am not interested in starting from scratch unless required.

Any help is appreciated.
Idea Exchange Discussion - for Idea Exchange comments / setting up WHR-G54S in Japanese
« Last post by Fhvbb on September 17, 2018, 02:07:37 pm »
Folks, good afternoon!

A friend of mine sent me an WHR-G54S wi-fi router from Japan.
I've just tried to set it up at home, but the interface is all in Japanese.
When I try do it with the IP standard address ( it comes an interface in Japanese.
Does Anyone know how to change the language of this interface?

Thanks From Brazil!!

Sorry my poor English.   
Storage / Re: LS420D degraded raid
« Last post by engelsepiet on September 17, 2018, 12:33:21 pm »
Follow-up. New disk received.
I changed disk 1 of the LS420D and followed the instructions in the manual to rebuild the array. When the rebuild started, an incredible time was indicated for completion, more than 2900 minutes! I let it proceed, and it showed the percentage completed gradually creeping up and the completion time varying, dropping down to 2400-odd minutes then up to 2600-odd minutes. It got to around 8% completed and 1900-something minutes when I left it to its own devices. The flashing red light was showing one long and eight short flashes (i.e rebuilding). when I returned a couple of hours later, it was no longer rebuilding, but showing that the array was degraded and disk 1 was defective. This was also indicated by one long and two short red flashes. However, the error light for disk 1 was not illuminated. I was able to do a reset and tried twice more, with the same results. When I followed Davo's instructions to select the correct SMB I was able to access disk 2. this is now not possible, either with the old or the new disk 1. Disk 1 is a brand-new disk. Is it possible that there is a hardware fault in the LS420D itself?
Awesome it worked!!!

Do you have any recommendations on the any particular logs I should review first for these access attempts?
Storage / Re: Norton Core Secure Router flagging outbound traffic from Linkstation NAS
« Last post by davo on September 17, 2018, 10:38:06 am »
Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+B when you're logged onto the admin page to get the full system logs.
I can answer this and provide an update to my pursuits over the last few days as well.

I mounted the NAS drives to my MacBook and ran Avira (I beta test for Avira and used their recent beta update app) to scan the network shares.  That found two general items in what appeared to be the timemachine shares.  Unfortunately the descriptions were very general and not specific to what malware if any they were.  I believe one was classified as a vulnerability and other a potential malware.  Either way Avira quarantined them and I reviewed and deleted both. 

I then downloaded BitDefender for Mac's Friday night and ran that.  Initially it was taking well over 12-14 hours so Saturday I redid the scan to just scan the shares other than timemachines and will redo the timemachine ones one at a time to see if that speeds the scans up.  I also had FTP on and had port 2020 forwarding to the internal FTP port.  i just turned that on mid last week as I was trying to get into it via FTP to see if I could tool around and check the folders/etc but that seems locked down.  Beyond that I had a port forward setup for 8082 externally to route to internal port 80 on the device to remote login.  I have a 15+ character password for admin that uses numbers, letters, caps, and symbols and would be difficult to crack.  It's not reused outside of my internal devices.  I also tried my hand at ACP Commander (Yes I know it voids the warranty but the device is many years old) to try and get into a SSH setup to see if I can see more logging or things that look off, but when I ran the original dmg file it said the file was broken and I couldn't get it to run (I have Mojave GM on my macbook and I think it was blocking the file from running) and ensure java was installed correctly.  When I ran the .jar file it would open but not locate my NAS automatically and I couldn't figure out how to fix that.

I've not seen an alert like the ones that started this in the last two days (but there was one after the Avira scan and findings). 

As for options I think you mean like web services or network services right?  So right now only webaccess is on and the ports associated with them are open via UPnP (6881 UDP, 34006 TCP, and 6881 TCP).  I have the email for alerts turned on and get a Linkstation report email to me every morning at 12am EST but it doesn't provide access logs, outbound logs etc.  It simply says that it's running, what the size is for each share, how much use on each, and percentage of use etc.  I had tooled around with the other options before but they were all off when I was going through the device trying to figure this out. 

Really would be nice to have some logging option to turn on for stuff like this.  Hopefully someone from Buffalo is reading this and can put a bug in a dev's ear for a firmware update to provide this under "advanced" settings tab or something.
Storage / Re: Norton Core Secure Router flagging outbound traffic from Linkstation NAS
« Last post by Texturtle on September 17, 2018, 09:06:45 am »
What options are turned on on the NAS?
Storage / Re: Replacement Drive For Samsung HD203WI
« Last post by oxygen8 on September 16, 2018, 12:39:56 pm »
It is recommended to replace drives with the same sector size to maintain proper performance.

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