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Storage / CVE-2017-7494 Remote code execution from a writable share.
« Last post by MiG174 on May 26, 2017, 12:55:52 pm »

Maybe this will prompt the company to release a stable firmware for LS421

Storage / Re: alternating lights on function led and info/error led
« Last post by gcoxii on May 26, 2017, 06:37:50 am »
Will do. It might be a couple of days because I just went out of town. Will be back Tuesday, I will post something then
Storage / TS-HTGL / R5 "No Array Info"
« Last post by Harry S. on May 26, 2017, 03:04:16 am »
I have a TS-HTGL Raid 5, which now starts only in EM - Mode
What is the correct way to get it back again ?

here is what I did so far:
Boot with all Disks -> EM Mode "No Array Info"
Boot without Disk 1 -> Error 16 HD 1 not found
Boot without Disk 2 -> EM Mode "No Array Info"
Boot without Disk 3 -> Error 16 HD 3 not found
Boot without Disk 4 -> Error 16 HD 4 not found

downloaded latest Updater: TS-HTGL_1.35_1.39

The Updates sees the HOST: TS-HTGL-EM419
Workgroup: unknown / IP
Firmware Ver. ----

When I try to update I receive the message:
Couldn't pass to the authentication.
Please confirm again admin-password...

Of course all Firewalls/Antivirus/ZoneAlarm is OFF
and IP of the PC ist in the same range (
and NAS-Navigation is closed via windows task manager

I tried to change the password with the CD Install routine
(additional setup...)

Run the Updater again with no succes...

Then I found a hint to use the updater 1.31_1.33
Firmware updater transferred a lot of files but all next reboots ended in
"No Array Info"

What can I do ???
Do I have to change Disk2 before TSUpdater running ?

// Harry
Storage / Re: HD-HGTL TeraNavigator download?
« Last post by Harry S. on May 26, 2017, 02:31:11 am »
Do you mean the Install-CD with the TSNavi.exe ?
Send an email and I give you a dropbox link
// Harry
So I am running wzr600dhp-pro-v3.0-r30355. This is supposed to be Buffalo's flavor community build right? I would like to move to a later release of the community build. When trying to do the Web Firmware upgrade it says 'update failed'. I'm trying to load buffalo_to_ddwrt_webflash-MULTI.bin.

I read that Buffalo has something in their firmware that prevents loading of other community builds. If that is true, what sell these as DD-WRT compatible routers???

So I then tried the TFTP thing for a couple of hours and nothing. I did both the special Arp MAC and the device MAC. I've tried all the timing and resetting. Nothing. Read the Wiki, forms, tried all posted items - I never see the tftp client take. The router boots into normal mode. I've done power cycles and hard resets. Just nothing.

So why is it so hard to upgrade a DD-WRT compatible router to DD-WRT??
Hey everyone

Where can I find a set of HD slides for a TaraStation Pro II RH4
Storage / Re: alternating lights on function led and info/error led
« Last post by davo on May 25, 2017, 04:56:11 pm »
Post a 10-15 second video of the LEDs and I'll see if I can get an error code from it.
Storage / alternating lights on function led and info/error led
« Last post by gcoxii on May 25, 2017, 04:00:15 pm »
I just turned on my linkstation duo ls-wvl this morning and the oh crap lights came on. The function and error leds are alternating lighting up. It isn't really a one second pattern though it is more like constant changing, think awesome strobe light effect. I am excited that it wants to party but i kinda need it to report to work. I just want it to go into engineering mode so i can fix it. Nas navigator isn't showing it, neither is fing network tools, which is odd because the link light on the back is flashing green. Firmware is up to date. So far i have turned it off, held the function button in the back, unplugged it and plugged back in, and removed one hdd. I might get crazy and just remove both hdds for sanity sake in a few hours and see if that will get it into em. I looked  through the manual and didn't see any light codes that I thought pertained to me.
Storage / Re: USB 3 external storage?
« Last post by davo on May 25, 2017, 10:34:15 am »
Plenty of routers have USB3 ports, the WZR1750DHP for example but no router will come with external storage.
Storage / USB 3 external storage?
« Last post by tittiger on May 25, 2017, 10:26:34 am »
I am disappointed that I can not find a router with USB 3 external storage.
Do any Buffalo products have uSB 3?

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