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Storage / Re: RAID in degraded mode but no failed drive
« Last post by davo on Today at 04:20:58 pm »
There is no disk error so, backup the data, make sure your firmware is up to date and reset the unit via the admin page (it doesn't effect the data)
Other Products, including computer memory / Re: Seems I have a fan failure.
« Last post by davo on Today at 04:19:25 pm »
Where exactly does it say you have a fan failure, can you post a screen shot?
Storage / Re: RAID in degraded mode but no failed drive
« Last post by cesarolea on Today at 01:07:57 pm »
Thanks a lot for your assistance with this. Got the logs.tgz file, untar, navigated to var/log but there's no HDDerror file. Here's the full file listing:

Code: [Select]
├── AnalyzeLog.txt
├── _nongiped.txt
├── _nullfile.txt
├── _over10mb.txt
├── _raidinfo.txt
├── apache
├── backup.log
├── backup.log.1.gz
├── backup.log.2.gz
├── backup.log.3.gz
├── backup.log.4.gz
├── cores
│   ├── nmbd
│   └── smbd
├── cron
├── cron.1.gz
├── cron.2.gz
├── cron.3.gz
├── cron.4.gz
├── dlnaserver.log
├── dlnaserver.log.1.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.10.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.2.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.3.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.4.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.5.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.6.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.7.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.8.gz
├── dlnaserver.log.9.gz
├── file.smb
├── hotplug
├── ietd.log
├── lastlog
├── lighttpd
├── lighttpd.webui.access.log
├── lighttpd.webui.access.log.1.gz
├── lighttpd.webui.access.log.2.gz
├── lighttpd.webui.access.log.3.gz
├── lighttpd.webui.access.log.4.gz
├── lighttpd.webui.error.log
├── linkstation.log
├── linkstation.log.1.gz
├── linkstation.log.2.gz
├── linkstation.log_all.txt
├── log.nmbd
├── log.nmbd.1.gz
├── log.nmbd.2.gz
├── log.nmbd.3.gz
├── log.smbd
├── log.smbd.1.gz
├── log.smbd.2.gz
├── log.smbd.3.gz
├── log.smbd.4.gz
├── messages
├── messages.1.gz
├── messages.10.gz
├── messages.2.gz
├── messages.3.gz
├── messages.4.gz
├── messages.5.gz
├── messages.6.gz
├── messages.7.gz
├── messages.8.gz
├── messages.9.gz
├── messages_all.txt
├── mysql
├── nasapid.log
├── nasapid.log.1.gz
├── onlineupdate.log
├── raidsync
├── replication.log
├── sa
├── samba
├── tmp.log
└── xferlog

9 directories, 67 files
Other Products, including computer memory / Seems I have a fan failure.
« Last post by renkaji on Today at 12:50:16 pm »
So I just went through the process of updating my firmware thinking it was the reason my LS-WV4.0TL/R1 was not operating, and it was only part of the issue.  I ran a maintenance check and it also says I have a failure in my fan.

Is there a fix for this that doesn't involve replacing the fan?  And if I need to replace the fan to get the LS operating again, does anyone know of a compatible fan I can purchase?
Storage / Re: RAID in degraded mode but no failed drive
« Last post by davo on Today at 11:36:36 am »
Log onto the admin page -> Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+b, save the file -> Unzip -> Var -> Is there a log called "HDDerror"?

If so then send me a copy of the contents.
Storage / Re: RAID in degraded mode but no failed drive
« Last post by cesarolea on Today at 11:16:09 am »
I got email notification working, however it doesn't list any faulty disk. I should've said that I'm using LVM in my setup. This is the full contents of the email I got from the TeraStation:

Activity Report

[TeraStation Information]
TeraStation Name: Tomb
Time: 2017/07/20 00:00:02
IP Address:
Running Time: 16:59:10

[Drive Use]
LVM (backup): 978180740/1048064000 kB (usage: 94%)
LVM (share): 361330608/1779610624 kB (usage: 21%)

[RAID Status]
The RAID array is in degraded mode.

For the detailed information of the error message and corrective actions, refer to the following URL.

Any ideas?
Other Products, including computer memory / Re: Port forwarding mystery
« Last post by Mark9117 on Today at 03:18:07 am »

Really? No one has a comment or speculation on what's going on with this router?
Storage / Backup Destination Not Connected
« Last post by lwbaum on Today at 03:10:57 am »
I couldn't back up my computer using my BUFFALO HD-PNFU3 1 TB MiniStation. It had worked fine for years, but recently when I plugged it into my USB port and moused over the Backup Utility icon, I saw the message "Backup Destination F:Not Connected".

Trying different USB ports or restarting my computer didn't help. I finally found a solution: uninstalling and reinstalling the Backup Utility software.
Storage / Re: Change (new) Hard Disk on Linkstation Live (LS-XL)
« Last post by sectarian on Today at 02:32:07 am »
Thank you Davo, for the offer of the image file - but at the requested $AU20.21 price for said file, I'll see if I can't find a cheaper or free option first.

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