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: terastation firmware update
: rstanz September 26, 2008, 03:48:09 PM

i have a terastation homeserver model HS-D1.0 TGL /R5.


went on vacation for a week and powered it down.  when i came home and powered it on, i was not able to access it.  the client utility is able to see the nas (and it can be pinged).  i cannot update the firmware with the version on the website as it will only allow the "flash area" to be updated and this does nothing.  tech support have been of no help here as they have told me that since the kernel cannot be updated the unit is shot.  i find it hard to believe that this is it (and i haven't taken this as far as i intend to yet).  does anyone have any suggestions?  would updating with an older version of the firmware, and then the current, give it a chance?  can this be fixed with a new motherboard?  any help would be appreciated.  thx, ron    

: Re: terastation firmware update
: rstanz September 27, 2008, 10:59:08 AM



after i signed up here, i decided i should check the wider community to see if this problem existed. as i am not a tech, i generally believe that the company support is where you turn.  i was, however, schooled by a brilliant technical person and therefore remembered that there may be others better adept at solving a problem.


this being the case in point here.  wound up on a wiki site for buffalo storage.  apparently, the firmware that is on the buffalo site that the buffalo support put me on is older than the firmware on my nas.  downloaded a v2.11 through the wiki site and presto, back in business.  not a good showing for buffalo tech support, though they have helped in the past (and all reps were courteous, just obviously not skilled enough).