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: BS-GS2048 Vlan Passthrough
: jdsimonds February 22, 2020, 03:00:56 PM

   I have a 48 port "BS-GS2048" I'm having trouble getting my wireless management & guest vlan to pass through. I do not have a network map but can make one. But here is the ports used.

port 48: Pfsense router
Port 47: Vlan:88 for IoT
Port 46: Wireless AP's should have the Vlans below

    Right now I'm using a small un-managed switch between the BS-GS2048 ad the PfSense router to allow this. But I'm redoing my network rack and want to remove the switch for a clean look. I need port 48 to get/give all of the Vlans from port 46.

My current Switch settings are:

Thank you for any help.
Jason Simonds