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: Unable to use the FTP interface
: ramseyle January 13, 2020, 06:34:55 PM

I have created all of the entities that I believe are necessary to do simple command line FTP on the Linkstation. I have a user, a group, folder. I have made the permissions on all of these R/W. And yet when I log in with the FTP capable user, and do a CD to the FTP directory, i can't upload or download. All I can do is create more folders.
:\Users\ramseyle>ftp theramseys.from-nc.com
Connected to theramseys.from-nc.com.
220 FTP server ready
451 Unable to accept OPTS UTF8
User (theramseys.from-nc.com:(none)): ftpspecial
331 Password required for ftpspecial
230 User ftpspecial logged in
ftp> cd /array1/Ftp_Special
250 CWD command successful
ftp> ls
500 Illegal PORT command
425 Unable to build data connection: Connection refused
I am not sure what else needs to be changed.
: Re: Unable to use the FTP interface
: Texturtle January 14, 2020, 09:02:08 AM
Did you enable the FTP option on the shared folder?

https://www.buffalotech.com/knowledge-base/configuring-ftp-on-a-linkstation (https://www.buffalotech.com/knowledge-base/configuring-ftp-on-a-linkstation)