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: AWS S3 Sync Issues
: rvs July 18, 2019, 07:00:37 PM
I have a Terrastation TS51210R deployed for a client with a folder that replicates to S3.  This folder has about 350GB of data in it and it was working fine until we did some maintenance and turned the switch off that connects to the NAS unit.  It was offline less than 10 minutes.  Ever since then the sub folder containing most of the data has been inaccessible.  When it is clicked on Windows gives an error saying it is unavailable and that the location might have been moved or deleted. 

I called Buffalo support a few times, first time they tell me to reboot it and that it will rescync in a few minutes and come back online.  Rebooted with no change, call back an hour later and they tell me that it may take hours to resync and that I shouldn't reboot as that will start the process over again.  Well it's been 3 days and the folder is still inaccessible and when I talked to someone yesterday they claimed that it was my fault for disconnecting the network while it was syncing to S3 and that there has to be a failover internet connection and to make sure the unit never goes offline or this will happen again.  They have no idea how long it will take to sync again and give me access to the data.  All the data is showing correctly in the bucket in S3.  Creating new folders on the NAS syncs to S3 immediately as well in the same S3 bucket. 

This seems insane, does this S3 sync not work properly or has anyone actually found a way to make this work for large directories?  At some point there will be several terabytes on this unit that will need to be backed up to S3.  If I have to worry that any network glitch will take their data offline for days or even weeks then this is a bogus feature that shouldn't even be offered. 
: Re: AWS S3 Sync Issues
: rvs August 02, 2019, 03:46:48 PM
Just as an FYI for future users:  DO NO USE THE S3 SYNC OPTION.  It does not work.  The end result was that the only way it could work is if your network has 100% up time and you only increase the data set size by 10GB or less at a time.  If your network goes down the folders will never sync again and all the data will be locked out on the local network.  If you upload too much data it will cause performance issues on the NAS.  If you try to backup to a Shared Folder with AWS replication it will cripple the NAS performance.  The issues go on and on.  Long story short DO NOT USE THIS FUNCTION.  Once the data is locked it will not resync even if you delete the sync folder and re-create it.

Additional Note:

Each support tech at Buffalo came up with a new tale about this service until we recently spoke with a customer rep named "Drew" who informed us of these rather ridiculous limitations on a 48TB device meant for Small Business use.  Drew had the umbrage to continue lying to us that this service was functional and could be used in a production environment but he was completely unable to give us a scenario where it would be functional. 

Buffalo needs to disable this service and stop advertising it as a feature of their units.