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: [Solved] LS520D 2x3To Emergency Mode
: dragons April 25, 2019, 03:26:51 PM

After upgrading to version 4.40, my LS520D went into EM mode.
I can not redo the update as indicated in the help file because I no longer have access to the web interface.
Is there a solution, maybe by tftp?

Thanks for the answers.
[Edit] Finally, I managed to recover my NAS by downloading the 4.40 firmware recovery image from the Japanese site (http://86886.jp/ls500-r/ (http://86886.jp/ls500-r/)) and putting the file on a USB stick (FAT32) renaming it install.img and starting the NAS with the key connected.
Sorry to have posted too fast without deepening my search but since 3 days that I was looking for, I despaired a little.
: Re: [Solved] LS520D 2x3To Emergency Mode
: oxygen8 April 26, 2019, 04:59:21 AM
Thank you for this usefull info.