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: Firmware 1.73 vs 1.74
: DLewis January 06, 2019, 04:32:45 PM
I just updated my Buffalo Linkstation Duo (LS-WXL/R1 series) from firmware 1.71 to 1.73 using the Settings/System Maintenance/Firmware Admin functions, which now says it is at the current version.   But when I search with my serial# on the Buffalo site, it pulls up Firmware version 1.74 as the most recent (dated 2/5/2018).   I'm wondering which is the right firmware and if I should manually upgrade it to 1.74 or not.
: Re: Firmware 1.73 vs 1.74
: oxygen8 January 07, 2019, 09:15:21 AM
D it.

Version 1.74 [2018.2.5]
Bug Fixes
 - Modified to deal with a Samba programming vulnerability (CVE-2017-15275).


https://www.buffalotech.com/support/downloads/linkstation-pro-duo-lswv (https://www.buffalotech.com/support/downloads/linkstation-pro-duo-lswv)
: Re: Firmware 1.73 vs 1.74
: DLewis January 07, 2019, 11:15:15 AM
Thanks Oxygen8.   I'm wondering why the built-in updater thinks 1.73 is the latest version.   Also, in searching this forum, I see people reporting things like NAS hanging, timing out, Bittorent (which I don't use) not working etc... after applying 1.74.   

All of this came up because I got a new PC with the latest v of Windows10 on it, and it wouldn't "see" the NAS.   This lead me to believe I needed SMBv2.   However, without me upgrading the firmware, suddenly last week it COULD see the NAS.   I have no idea how or why.

Deeper reading on the forum today seems like you must do some command line configuration changes to enable SMBv2, which might be beyond my skillset.
: Re: Firmware 1.73 vs 1.74
: 1000001101000 January 07, 2019, 11:22:39 AM
i had a similar experience recently with an ls441de. It was on v1.84 and was reporting to be on the latest version even though version 1.85 is available. I ended up manually running the updater from the site and it updated without issue.

I didn't look into why that happened.