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: having trouble with this nas but i don't think it's bricked
: fjb59 April 21, 2018, 05:55:29 AM
i@m not sure if this is the right forum but
I got a ts-xl em9f1
It takes four hard drives. I have 2 1 tb drives. Does it need to be fully populated?
They are blank but partitioned
i put them into the nas and fire it up.  after a while the lcd goes red. it requires a firmware update. I expeced that.
Nas navigator finds the nas and says it's in emergency mode.
if i remove either drive and put it back in, the lcd turns blue reports in degrade mode
no raid info and both drive leds are flashing red.
i shut down buffalo navigator and fired up tsupdate and attempted toe update the firmware. it reports partition not found.
There are partitions on both drives.
I google this error and fine a couple of links about modding the tsupdate.info to enable debugging and follow the guides for debricking.
It attempts to format but fails.
Both drives in there are the same size and good.
What''s going on and how do i fix this?
Thank you.