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: TS5800DN Fxp support
: jealves February 21, 2018, 03:09:56 AM

i have 3 TS5800DN and i want to ask you please to improve FTP settings.

Add FXP Support
Make it possible to change default ftp listening port
Make it possible to change / Add banner for logins

I have other 12 bay products from another brand, and let me say for example, that their FTP Settings is a pleasure to work with.


ps: Only one quick question? is this forum read by any Buffalo staff? or our requests will be lead into the void?

i dont want to seem rude or anything, but i am getting kind of tired with the posture of some companies.

I prefeer to be told that this request will never happen, than been waiting for some "answer". Because this is crucial for me and my work.

ps2: Any hope on this? FXP is like a must to have, not a nice to have.