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: Problems with my HSDH500
: Netmed February 03, 2018, 06:05:11 AM
Hi, Iam new to this forum although I have using my  HSDH500 for many years. After a power failure my drive went into EM mode so as suggested I download the correct firmware update although it found my drive the update failed because it received no response. After rebooting my router I tried again and this time the the update began but a error message popped up towards the end when it tried to reboot the drive saying it failed to reboot so the update may have failed. Since then the info and error lights flash intermittent. I have read and tried all of the previous comments and suggestions but nothing works and although the updater still finds the drive with a up of it dosent show up on my router as a connected device. Can I access it through a sun cable to my pc by the way.
All help greatly appreciated.
Many thanks