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: Shut down facility seems to be missing!
: hakanfriden January 07, 2014, 09:19:52 AM
Dear All!
The manual of my Buffalo NAS LS-WXL-EM2B8 gives 2 options for shutting the LS-XL series: via NAS Navigator of via the web interface.
My device has neither of these possibilities! Is there a difference between LS-WXL and LS-XL?
How can I turn the device off nicely?
I tried to cut the power. At power on the device was in EM mode (not mentioned or explained at all in the manual!).
After searching Buffalo home page I found and installed a firmware upgrade and got the NAS working again.
Bur when I shut down by cutting the power is started in EM mode again. Now I had to reinstall the firmware upgrade again, however it was not reinstalled, but came out of EM mode.

So: how to shut down the NAS (to save power when not in use)?
How to get out of EM mode to run mode?

BR /Håkan