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: WARNNING: LS-V3.0TL Torrent client leaks identity info when using Socks5 Proxy, badly!
: PeterRtx May 11, 2013, 07:01:24 PM

My LS-V3.0TL (firmware 1.64) using a torrent proxy service demonstrated multipule idenification leaks. While some connections were made through the proxy, it appears that the trackers are not. Thus, the actual IP is listed on the trackers rather than the proxy, making the use of a proxy sort of pointless. Peer connection were also made outside of the proxy connection.


I put an additional firewall/router in between my NAS and my Internet router so I could better control and examine the connections being made. I also used PHP to run a shell_exec on netstat to see what was connected. While there was evidence that the proxy was being used, only about 25% of the connection seemed to be using it.


To test this, I blocked direct access to the tracker IPs in the firewall, which should not matter as the proxy IP was still unrestricted and the tracker requests should have been going through the proxy, the NAS was unable to see the trackers at all... and not torrents worked up or down.