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: Modem router wireless on/off button
: HKG February 27, 2010, 08:16:55 AM


I'm only aware of three modem routers with a button on the device that allows for wireless to be turned on/off. Two of them I have tried, but I received a lower synchronisation connection due to chipsets brand/model used in device.


The button on the device is the most convenient and intuitive option for this, and negates a requirement for a computer to be attached to the modem router to access option in UI.  So beneficial to portable users.


Due to the reasons listed below, I turn my router off when not in use to reduce electricity consumption. This has a disadvantage of making the DSLAM in the exchange think there is a problem with the phone line, if disconnected too many times during the day. It also means I might not synchronise as high the next time I power router on.  As a result I've been looking for a modem router that has reduced idle running cost (electricity consumption) without having to use the UI so wireless users can connect quickly and easily.


My personal reason for wanting such a button include: