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: WLI-TX4-AG300N Problems connecting to router
: sssundar February 01, 2011, 09:57:03 AM



I reside in the UK but am posting here because there isn't a Buffalo forum (that I can find) in the UK. The support pages has a handful of answers that have no relevance to my question. SO would be grateful for any help/pointers.


Problem: I am trying to connect my Sony Bravia TV (KDL-40W5500) / Blu-ray player BDP-S360 to my NAS box through my wireless router. As both the TV and the bluray player have just Ethernet ports, I am trying to use the Buffalo ethernet converter as a bridge between the TV and the wireless router.


Devices: Buffalo Wireless-N Nfiniti Ethernet Converter (WLI-TX4-AG300N) Version 1.52

Linksys WAG54GS Gateway (ADSL) Wireless gateway DHCP Enabled (Max 50 clients), MAC address filter on and all MAC addresses entered and verified. WPA2 Mixed security.

PC has WIndows 7


Issue: I have installed the Ethernet converted manager (downloaded from the UK site today) and it shows the device. The IP address does not change from even if automatically obtain address is checked. I have tried to manually change the IP address. In both cases, the converter seems to be connected to the router as per the information in the manager. The MAC clients list on the Linksys also shows the device as connected.


But when I try to connect the TV/Blu ray player, I get a message that it cannot connect to the DHCP server. I have enetered the MAC addresses of both the TV and the Blu ray player in the Linksys clients list as well.


Not sure where I am going wrong and whether the issue is with the TV & Linksys rather than the converter.


Would appreciate any help to solve this.

: Re: WLI-TX4-AG300N Problems connecting to router
: sssundar February 03, 2011, 04:12:04 AM

Solved! Got some help from the Linksys folks here in the UK. There was a wireless encryption type mismatch - corrected and works fine now. Both TV and Bluray connected and happy.