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: ctyankee54 January 28, 2011, 07:36:48 AM

Just got my WZR-HP-G300NH a few days ago and already bricked it ..... my fault. As my wife says, why can't you ever leave anything alone  :-(


As soon as I got my router I updated to the Buffalo DD-WRT. Then I updated to the latest DD-WRT firmware from their site, 14896.  Wanting to compare the two, I then upgraded to the older DD-WRT version (14402) but the newer version seemed better?


I tried to upgrade "back" to version 14896 but would consistently get an "Upgrade Failed" in the GUI.


Did some research and tried to upgrade the firmware using TFTP using the advise of a couple of people on the Buffalo and DD-WRT forums.....no luck! 


Then I saw a thread about some folks that were able to flash (from the GUI) using a stock version of the firmware - 1.6  I think it was?  I gave it a try and was so happy when the upgrade actually started to work and I didn't get the "Upgrade Failed" screen.


My joy was premature, unfortunately, because after the upgrade the router would only boot to a RED LED that flashed continuosly 2 times, paused, and then repeats.  The router is inaccessible from wireless or wire, so there's nothing I can think of to do now?  The user manual says to contact Tech Support....so here I am.


Thanks, in advance, for your time and help!



PS:  The wife is really mad at me.... Help!




: buddee January 28, 2011, 11:49:19 AM

When you got the unencrpyted buffalo firmware file and used it to flash back with, did you prematurely power off the unit? Also are you making sure to set static ip's proper for this situation?

: ctyankee54 January 28, 2011, 12:08:06 PM

When I did the flash, the GUI timer had counted down to 0 seconds remaining.  The 3 times I changed the firmware it never rebooted on it's own, so when the 260 (?) second timer completed I did a power cycle.


At the time I was trying to TFTP the flash I was using,, and .... nothing worked though.


Now, the router is not 'online' at all and has no configured IP and does not respond to or

Just to make sure it was listening elsewhere, I installed a port scanner and scanned the entire 192.168.11.x network - only my PC was alive...?



: buddee January 30, 2011, 12:07:57 AM

Yea what i had feared, when the timer counts down to 0 its not complete, it will totally reboot on its own, i got impatient to but i waited it out and it finally rebooted on its own into the default buffalo firmware.


Anyhow it is bricked now and you have only a few options now,  you can try to recover using linux and tftp or you can possibly RMA the unit, or you can try to fix it with a serial connection to the unit ( alittle harder and probably voids any warranty)


tftp recovery is reported by some to have worked using linux and tftp, here is the info link, which is probably your safest bet now.




I would get something like linuxmint or ubuntu and just boot from CD if you use windows and try recovery from there. linuxmint 10 should work fine and is very user friendly. also as a pointer, if you have a 10/100 switch you can put in between your router and your computer i suggest to do so, because when you set a static ip on your lan adapter to then it won't be ready untill the main router is powered up, we want it to be already set and ready to go even before the main router is powered up, with a switch this is possible.

: ctyankee54 January 30, 2011, 04:27:25 PM

Thank you Buddee!

I wish you had some kind of magic fix for me, but I suspected that the router was bricked and I was in big trouble.


Fortunately, the unit is new so I will just do the RMA.

I'm gonna "play" with the Linux CD option you mentioned and get ready for the next time?


I had no luck (before I bricked it) getting TFTP to work from my Windows PCs for exactly the reason you stated: Windows won't send the tftp command until the NIC is online, and when the NIC is online you've pretty much missed the "tftp window."  I'm gonna see if I can follow your suggestion (introducing another switch) and try to upgrade the firmware on my RMA unit - when it arrives.


Your post was spot-on and really informative.

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond!