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: QoS Movie Engine
: sbenard August 20, 2009, 12:16:39 AM

I have the High Power Router and Access Point  HP-300NH.


I am a day trader. Needless to say, my trading software is critical to me, and so is timely data within it. Even slight delays cost me money!


I would like to assign higher priority to the data packets sent and received in my trading platform than any other software or data stream. I haven't turned on the Movie Engine switch yet, since I don't know how to assign priorities in the QoS software yet. This trading data, despite its critical nature, is still quite bursty in nature, so it wouldn't ordinarily be of a nature to receive high priority treatment in most QoS hierarchies. They tend to assign much higher priority to movie streams or voice, in which a steady stream of data is necessary to maintain the movie or voice continuity. 


This evening, I was using P2P to download a software update, and it caused unacceptable delay to occur with my trading software.  I wasn't using the built-in torrent software.


Is there a way that I can assign higher priority in the QoS to the data going in and out of my Tradestation software?  How do I assign the top priority to my these data streams?

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: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: sbenard August 20, 2009, 09:07:29 PM

I poured over the knowledge base to find whatever available information could be found regarding the Movie and Engine, as the QoS is called. I found nothing!


There is relatively little anywhere, including in these forums, regarding QoS. 


Has anyone else spent any time configuring this feature in the 300NH router? I'm still trying to determine how I can assign highest priority to data packets to/from my trading software.


Thanks for any help provided.

: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: sbenard August 24, 2009, 07:41:13 PM
   What information will I need from the software provider to be able to properly configure the QoS for my trading software?
: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: sbenard August 25, 2009, 09:00:57 PM

Hello! Is anyone out there?


I got the appropriate port numbers from Tradestation. They are 11000, 11001, and 11020


Is it possible to use a RANGE of numbers in the QoS, or does each one need to be entered as a SEPARATE QoS port?

: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: Colin137 August 25, 2009, 09:21:04 PM

Sorry about the wait there, sbernard. You'll need to use a separate entry for each port number. Make sure to check the Enable box for your QoS entries though, and set them to High priority.


I would also recommend that you assign a QoS entry to your BitTorrent client, and set its priority to Low.


Also, the Movie Engine does not affect internet QoS, it only affects the LAN/WLAN side of things.

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: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: sbenard August 26, 2009, 01:48:05 PM



I set the ports for Tradestation, and that seems to have done the trick! It appears to be giving me higher priority to those packets, since the delays seem to be reduced. 


Thanks for the help!


However, when I changed my switch from "auto" to "on", I noticed that the bit torrent software download slowed down and the software (it's called Vuze) indicated that I might have a NAT problem. It uses yellow lights and green lights to indicate good or poor connectivity. I have completed the Open Office software download, so this isn't an urgent issue. However, I recall that with my previous router, I had to tweak some things so that the downloads would move smoothly and the green light would come on. Vuze is set up to use port 61976 in both TCP and UDP. I set them to "low" priority in the QoS. Vuze also indicates that is uses the same "listening" port for both TCP and UDP.


1) To correct this situation, do I have to set up port forwarding and/or tweak the NAT settings? There doesn't appear to be much on the NAT tab except to "enable" it. The check mark is in place and it is "enabled" under the default setting. 


2) Could this be the reason why I'm getting this NAT error, because I need to set up port forwarding?


3) Would it also be useful to establish port forwarding for Tradestation? Would this provide me any advantage in maintaining or improving my connection to the TS servers?

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: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: Colin137 August 26, 2009, 04:12:52 PM

1. I'd recommend forwarding your bittorrent client's port to the IP of the computer it's running on. Also, check to make sure you're not double-natting. PM me with the IP address reported in Diagnostic, in the Internet section. You can set up port forwarding in the LAN Config->Port Forwarding section.


2. That sounds right.


3. I recommend checking with the software provider before doing that. It may help, but it may also open up security issues.



: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: Colin137 August 26, 2009, 06:51:07 PM

I figured something like that was going on. The IP address of the Internet side of your router is as this is a private address, it tells me that you're double-NATing, that is, you have two routers in a row. This is most likely the cause of the throughput issues, and is definitely the cause of your bittorrent client saying it's blocked. Contact your ISP, have them bridge the modem and give you the PPPoE username and password, and then set the router up to use PPPoE for the connection (this is all assuming you're using DSL). 

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: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: sbenard August 27, 2009, 04:38:49 PM

I'll contact Qwest to do that. Thanks! You were right that I'm using DSL. I also seem to recall them instructing me to input a UID and password when I was talking on the phone with them while setting up my new DSL modem. I may have even written it down somewhere.


Would that explain why, when the router was set on the ''auto" mode, this problem didn't exist? Before I changed to "on", I had no problems with this. The little lights were green all the time.


I've noticed, by the way, that today, this problem is worse than ever. Even when my trading software is turned off, I am only getting about 1/6 of the maximum throughput. 


If I didn't need to prioritize my trading software, I would just change back to "auto" instead of using the "on" function. But I really need to keep my QoS settings for Tradestation, which appears to be working very well.

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: Re: QoS Movie Engine
: Colin137 August 27, 2009, 04:48:44 PM
One of two things was happening when the switch was set to Auto. Either it set up the PPPoE connection for you, or it set itself to bridge mode.