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: "no available source backup folders"
: johnmeldrum December 20, 2009, 04:39:39 AM

I think I put this in the wrong place (... the lounge?), so here goes again.  ...  


I've spent hours going through the forum, but cannot find (or perhaps cannot understand) a solution.

I have a Linkstation HS-DHGL 1.2.0 connected to a Netgear router.  This connects wirelessly to a pc and a laptop.  About a year ago I somehow managed to set up jobs to backup files from both machines. Recently we were burgled and the laptop was stolen.  I tried to set up a job to backup the replacement laptop, but can't.  Although the pevious backup still runs for the pc, I can't see any details of what it does - where does that info hide?

From the laptop I've created a new share called NewJohn on the linkstation, and I try to backup the documents folder to this.
So "Disk Backup", Job1:
Select immediately, and Normal backup.
Then to the "Backup source and destination stuff"
two boxes - first dropdown offers choice of shares on linkstation so I select NewJohn
second one has "no available source backup folders"

Nothing else I do seems to allow me to specify which folder to back up.
Exactly the same happens if I try from the pc.
Yet I managed somehow last year!

Can you help?

: Re: "no available source backup folders"
: Kameran December 21, 2009, 08:07:38 PM

The backup feature is to backup the buffalo to a usb hard drive that is plugged into the nas or to a another buffalo nas.  There is memeo backup software to backup from a pc to the buffalo nas.

: Re: "no available source backup folders"
: johnmeldrum December 23, 2009, 03:07:43 PM

So simple that I'm embarrassed.  The Memeo backup software was refusing to open, so I uninstalled and reinstalled, then everything worked again. 

Many thanks.  And sorry to be so stupid!