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: Web Acesss - getting close?
: JohnG999 July 04, 2009, 12:58:48 PM

Hi - I've been working on getting WebAccess working on my LS-Quad.   I have a DLink DIR-655 and McAfee Security Center.   Using info from the WebAccess FAQ,  I set up port forwarding for port 9000 on the DIR-655 and added it as an port in McAfee with "forward ports network activity...." checked.   I have version 1.10 firmware installed and reinitialized drive settings.


After receiving "Secure Connection Failed "192.168.0.xxx:9000 uses an invalid security certificate.", I told FireFox to override this as an exception and now I get the "username / password" window. 


However, using the "BuffaloNAS.com Name" and "Key" do not work?  


Any help is appreciated - thanks



: Re: Web Acesss - getting close?
: PCPiranha July 04, 2009, 01:13:31 PM
the buffalo nas name is used for logging in at buffalonas.com and the key is just used to reserve your buffalonas name (in case the unit loses its configurations).  The username and password it is asking for is a user that you set up in the user managment tab.
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: Re: Web Acesss - getting close?
: JohnG999 July 04, 2009, 01:29:18 PM
   Thanks - I set up a user and this now works.