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: Need a new network and NAS device
: 6stringblues January 30, 2009, 01:28:50 PM

My current router is outdated and my old backup storage has died. 


I have two (soon to be three) wireless laptop PCs,  and one wired desktop PC (all running Vista Home Premium SP1), and one wired laptop running XP, and two printers that I want to set up on a new LAN.  I need to buy a backup for data as part of the package. 


So basically a new router and a new storage device.  I want an NAS unit for backup of and easy access to data.  I believe each laptop has at least a wireless G card internal.  I need to get the printers on the LAN, they can be wired.


After looking around a bit it would seem that one of the Buffalo routers (either the WHP-HP-G54, WHR-G300N or the WZR-HP-G300NH) connected to the Linkstation Live LS-CHL or Pro™ LS-XHL would fit the bill.


The Linkstation would be used as storage for everyone on all the PCs.

The DNLA feature will be used in the future.


Couple of questions, however,

1. Firstly, does this look like a reasonable setup for what I need.  Namely, good accessable storage and media streaming in the future.


2. Does the Linkstation connect to the router via an ethernet cable?

3. Could I connect the printers to the Linkstation via a USB hub?


4. Is there another way to connect the printers to this LAN?


5. Could someone help me set up this network for my PCs, NAS and printers?

Any suggestions or opinions about which products and connectivity for the network would be greatly appreciated.


6. Is there a way to secure the wireless connections but leave the wired connections unsecured on any of the above routers?


Also, advice on where to buy the devices is welcomed too.


Thanks a lot for your help!  I know I asked for a lot ;)

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: Re: Need a new network and NAS device
: Colin137 January 30, 2009, 06:02:00 PM

1. You've done your homework, 6stingblues. That seems like a fine setup.


2. Yes, via ethernet.


3. Only one printer is supported by the Linkstation. USB hubs are not supported.


4. If the printers are equipped with ethernet, you could connect them directly to the router. Otherwise you could hook them up to a computer and use Windows File and Print Sharing to share them over the network.


5. We can provide specific instructions regarding our products, and may be able to offer tips and suggestions for non-Buffalo products.


6. Securing the wireless connection only limits access and data visibility over the wireless. The wired connections are not affected.

: Re: Need a new network and NAS device
: sdavis January 30, 2009, 08:43:45 PM
   As to where to buy, when I just bought a Linkstation Quad 4TB two weeks ago, I did a lot of searching and found the best price at Buy.com (~$830US, I think). Free shipping.  I've returned stuff to them in past with no problems.
: Re: Need a new network and NAS device
: 6stringblues January 31, 2009, 08:56:51 AM


Thanks a lot, especially for numbering and responding point by point.

Looks like this will work out nicely.


Just one quick thing:

In your response for question 5: (5. We can provide specific instructions regarding our products);

Should I call this number (800-456-9799) for final product selection and best ways to connect things up?  Otherwise how should I get the specific instructions?


Thanks again!

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: Re: Need a new network and NAS device
: Dustrega January 31, 2009, 06:00:57 PM



  For best results in getting your device up and running after purchase I would recommend the following:


1. Check our forums for any setup problems you're having

2. Contact our technical support at (866) 752-6210 (Open: 24/7/365)