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: Wrong Timestamp Stored within Files
: dtindill January 08, 2009, 01:29:41 PM

I am trying to use a script to automate the massive file copy from our file server to our 4TB TeraStation Pro NAS device.  Rather than copy every single file (up to 3TB) every time, our script compares file timestamps on the source (our server) and the destination (the TeraStation Pro) to ensure they are the same.


When the file timestamp is viewed in Windows, it is correct.  When the timestamp is reported by RoboCopy, it is off by the timezone from GMT.  We are located in GMT-8, but Robocopy is seeing the file as GMT-0 therefore the timestamp never reports correctly.


Model: TS-RHTGL/R5

Firmware: 1.26

NTP Setup: Enabled and successfully refreshed.  Timezone set to GMT-08:00.

Drive Setup: Currently RAID-5 with 4x931GB drives, formatted with XFS filesystem.


In the current scenario, we have to re-copy up to 3TB every single time because the timestamp mismatch appears as though the files do not have the same timestamp.  I can handle the massive copy the first time and spend several hours, but I want subsequent tasks to only files with modified size or timestamp.



: Re: Wrong Timestamp Stored within Files
: dtindill January 08, 2009, 01:39:17 PM

After continuing to search the KB articles for other keywords, I discovered the solution here:



Although Robocopy reports the timestamp in GMT-0, it actually was reporting the correct timestamp.  This is due to the timestamp granularity of NTFS versus XFS.


Robocopy scripts must include the /FFT switch that allows a 2-second timestamp difference.

: Re: Wrong Timestamp Stored within Files
: martinbailey January 21, 2009, 08:24:52 AM



I just had to register to say THANK YOU!!


This has been bugging me for months, and when I decided to try to find information on the Web there was none, until this thread. Thanks so much for taking the time to come back and post the solution.


I'm greatly indebted! :smileyvery-happy: