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: hdlan120 print server for mac/win (epson r380)
: dbuff January 06, 2009, 08:08:36 AM

Looking to set up a print server using:


Linkstation - HDLAN 120 gig  FW 1.47

using an Epson R380

to be accessed by both windows (xp), and mac (10.4)


1.  Is this possible/feasible?

2.  Are there any more FW updates needed and available for this?  (I haven't seen anything past 1.47)

3.  When checking the USB print setup, I see the default of postscript and only a small handful of epson printers, no other makes/models.  Is that normal?


I haven't had much luck, so any help, direction, and info is appreciated.



: Re: hdlan120 print server for mac/win (epson r380)
: Colin137 January 06, 2009, 03:09:24 PM

It should work fine on the Windows machine without too much trouble. Make sure the printer is installed locally on the PC first (for driver support), then power down the Linkstation, connect the printer, and power them both up. Find out the IP address of the Linkstation ( "ip_address" ), go to Start->Run, type in "\\ip_address" without quotes, and hit OK. Right click on "LP" or "lp", and click Connect. Follow through the wizard, and select the printer from the list. Print a notepad document or something to test.


On a mac, it is slightly more complicated. Try the instructions on this website , but make sure you use "smb://ip_address/lp" instead of the given Device URI.


No more firmware updates are likely coming for the HD-LAN series linkstations, since they have been discontinued, however, the 1.47 firmware should work fine for printing. Don't worry about the print setup page not having your printer, in this case it should print using RAW data, hence the need for the printer driver to be installed on each computer.

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: Re: hdlan120 print server for mac/win (epson r380)
: dbuff January 07, 2009, 08:17:16 AM

Turns out that for my particular printer you have to use one of the open source gimp-print drivers on the Mac, but it's all working... perfect.




: Re: hdlan120 print server for mac/win (epson r380)
: smithgt January 08, 2009, 09:59:06 AM

I have a similar issues with a Epson R220.


Have you enabled bi-direction support?


Also does the Epson Status monitor thing still work?


When I send an item to print it seems to take a minute before the printer kicks into life.



: Re: hdlan120 print server for mac/win (epson r380)
: Colin137 January 08, 2009, 10:48:00 AM
Bi-directional support for printers is not available. It is normal for there to be a delay between the print command and the start of printing.