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: Linkstation Pro - Disk Management on Web Tool not working
: swgiles December 09, 2008, 10:02:29 AM

Hi all,


We have 3 Linkstation Pro 500GB LS-GL.  Two are working just fine for us, but one is giving us a bit of problem.


The problem unit works fine for data access over the net, but if I go into the web administration tool, the main page doesn't display the main disk size, or amount of space free.  It shows this information for any attached USB disks, but not for the main disk.  Then, if I click on "Disk Management" on the left side menu, I get essentially a blank page.  I would expect to see all attached drives listed, be able to manage USB disks, etc.  Nothing.  I need to be able to manage the USB disks, because we use several different USB disks for disk-based server backup.


The Buffalo NAS navigator correctly reports all disks.


To try to clear the problem, I rebooted the unit, and upgraded the firmware.  This unit was at f/w 1.03 (shipped with this, we've had it about 18 months).  I upgraded it to f/w 1.11.


Any suggestions?




: Re: Linkstation Pro - Disk Management on Web Tool not working
: Paul December 09, 2008, 10:34:01 AM

I would force the firmware on the unit then set the unit back to factory defaults from the web interface, this will not cause any data loss however backups are always recommended.

: Re: Linkstation Pro - Disk Management on Web Tool not working
: swgiles December 09, 2008, 12:54:12 PM

Thanks, Paul.  I only set the unit back to factory defaults (having just upgraded the firmware, in an attempt to fix the problem). That fixed it. 


Much appreciated!


Some info for others reading this (and hopefully spare the excellent moderators from some useless repetition)...


After the reset to factory defaults:

- any shared folders that you set up will re-appear by name, all data will be there, but basically every other non-factory default settings that you had put into the Linkstation will be gone. 


Some examples...

- shared folder access restrictions will be disabled (i.e., wide open), and all other custom config info (users, permissions, etc) will be gone.

- IP address will default to be obtained by DHCP (and all other network customizations will be lost). If you used a static IP like me, use the Buffalo NAS Navigator utility to find it after the reboot.

- if you used Active Directory (like me), you'll have to re-enable that, with Domain Admin credentials. And then enable Access Restrictions on your shared folders, disable the Recycle Bin (if desired), and re-enter your domain user access to the share.


Tip: print out all of your linkstation settings by going through the web interface and hitting the print button.  Makes it much easier to restore.


Friendly note to Linkstation developers:  Consider a utility, like available on many routers, etc., that allows the user to save/backup the linkstation configuration to another place, or restore it from that place.  The linkstation is a powerful enough platform that one could lose quite a bit upon a linkstation crash requiring reset.


: Re: Linkstation Pro - Disk Management on Web Tool not working
: Colin137 December 09, 2008, 01:00:27 PM
I'm glad we could help. Resetting the device to defaults will indeed perform as you've described. I will forward up a feature request for the a config backup.