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: System Error E04 Cant load kernel
: Glennman July 03, 2009, 03:52:43 PM

Please help!!


We have a Terastation Live about 6months old and during a backup to USB it decided to give the above E04 error. I have looked on the numerous posts to try and fix this problem firstly by running the TFTP boot sequence that doesnt seem to do anything but i can get the TS into emergency mode, therefore i try and force an update of the firmware which goes throught the whole process to the point that it gets to 90% through and error's again "System error e04 cant load kernel" . The system was set up on a raid setup with only about 25GB of data which is vital to our operation  which we need to recover.


The system was about 23GB out of 25GB backup to USB when this happened 


Please help. Also please bear with me as i am quite computer literate but not an expert.





: Re: System Error E04 Cant load kernel
: Glennman July 04, 2009, 04:30:26 AM



I have finally managed to force a firmware update that was deployed ok and now it says i have a HD fault on disk 2. What is the process of sorting this out?? Do i just swap out the disk and replace and the array builds itself etc. In the process of backing up my info before i play about again.



: Re: System Error E04 Cant load kernel
: PCPiranha July 04, 2009, 09:56:34 AM
Yes, just replace drive 2.  When it boots back up it will still give you error messages (degrade mode and a RAID error), just log into the web interfce and click on disk managment > RAID setup.  Then click on the orange tab next to RAID Array 1.  Just put a check mark next to disk 2 and click on "resynch RAID array".  As long as you select "resynch RAID Array" this will not result in data loss.  Just don't click "rebuild RAID Array" and you should be fine.
: Re: System Error E04 Cant load kernel
: Glennman July 06, 2009, 03:34:07 AM

Thnks for the response. It appears that the HD just needed rebuilding and was not faulty afterall