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: Blu ray usb 3.0 BR3D-12U3 speed in usb 2.0?
: easton June 11, 2011, 06:55:10 PM

MediaStation™ 12x External USB 3.0 Blu-ray Writer


There are the speeds in usb 3.0:

Type    Read/Write SpeedsBD-R (SL)    8x/12x*BD-R (DL)    8x/12x*BD-RE (SL)    8x/2xBD-RE (DL)    6x/2xDVD-RAM    5x/5xDVD-R (SL)    16x/16xDVD-R (DL)    12x/8xDVD-RW    12x/6xDVD+R(SL)    16x/16xDVD+R(DL)    12x/8xDVD+RW    12x/8xCD-R    40x/40xCD-RW    24x/24x

Compatible with USB 2.0 systems; max read speed in USB 2.0 is 8x?

I want info, read and write speeds in usb 2.0? 8x read in blu ray in usb 2.0? is the same!

I believe that the correct is 6x write in USB 2.0 in BD R and the other speeds are the same. Correctly?

Turbousb is available in usb 2.0?