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: Problems with DDR2 SDRAM in new computer
: JHM January 23, 2010, 11:20:31 AM

My system specs are as follows :

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2; (Award Bios - F9)
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q6600;
2x Buffalo Select D2U800C-2G/BJ PC2 6400U-555 2Rx8 DDR2 SDRAM 2GB 800MHz CL5
3xSamsung SP2004C SATA HDDs; (with Boot drive in Vantec SATA hot swap tray for replacement by spare
fourth SP2004C in event of problems),
1xWD 800 IDEHDD in Vantec IDE hot swap tray, (for removable storage);
Saphire Radeon 4850 w/ 1 GB RAM
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy
ATI TV Wonder
Scythe 3.5 Bay Temperature Monitor & Fan Controller
Thermaltake MaxOrb XE Heatsink Fan Combo
2x90mm Thermaltake Smart Chassis Fans
1x120mm Termaltake Smart Chassis Fan
1x80mm Enermax Chassis Fan
OCZ Stealth X Stream 500 Watt Power Supply


This machine has had problems from the outset. Even loading Windows it sometimes boots into black screens when rebooting. With Windows loaded, it sometimes gives BSODs, frequently freezes, frequently has programs announce they have encountered a problem and must close etc.


I have tried a number of things to solve these issues and have narrowed down the source of the problems to the RAM timings and voltage. The default timings my Gigabyte board is giving me are : 5-5-5, 18, 3, 3. If I reset these timings to 6-6-6, 21, 5, 5. the problems go away. But those timings are just a guess on my part of what might work, NOT the proper timings for this DDR2 SDRAM. I need to know what ARE the proper timings ? I have not been able to find this type of RAM listed at Buffalo Select's site, nor have I been able to find any timings listed for any of the types of RAM that ARE listed. I did find a similar complaint from someone else wherein it was suggested that the RAM voltage should be raised by .1v, but there was no response to indicate whether or not that solved the problem.


The serial number given on the sticker on both sticks is : S/N 80226

: Re: Problems with DDR2 SDRAM in new computer
: Memoryman January 25, 2010, 05:03:44 PM

Hello JHM

5-5-5-18 should be good with your RAM. Since you say it runs well with 6-6-6-21, you probably need to notch the Vdimm up .1V to clear up the timing issues. Raising the voltage, cleans up the timing windows (faster rise time, faster fall time).

: Re: Problems with DDR2 SDRAM in new computer
: JHM January 25, 2010, 07:10:28 PM

Well actually I tried that since I posted that message. Tried a number of things last night.


1) With The "De Fault" latency timing settings of 5-5-5, 18, 3, 3. and the voltage at its "De Fault" setting, running MemTest 4 Deluxe 64 bit version, I got 57 memory errors in one pass.


2) With the voltage bumped by .1v and the timings still at their "De Fault" settings, the number of errors was reduced by approximately 1/2. I didn't bother to finish the test pass though, because although it was helping it was not the solution.


3) With the timings changed to 6-5-5, 18, 3, 3. and the voltage at its "De Fault" setting it was able to run MemTest error free for over 19 hours.


What that suggests to me is : This is commercial quality RAM rather than "Top Drawer" and the Gigabite GA P35 DS3L is apparently a little FUSSY about the quality of RAM being used.  I suspect that there are other boards out there that this RAM would work just fine in, but this particluar kind of "Giggle Bite" isn't one of them. I have heard of similar problems with the ASUS P5E3 PRO LGA 775 X48 DDR3 board.


I know from past experience with Super 7 boards that some were completely UNFUSSY about RAM, (ANYTHING world work), e.g. ASUS P5A-B; others were moderately FUSSY, - (about 50-50 things would work well with any given type of RAM ), e.g. DFI K6BV3+ /66 and others were EXTREMELY FUSSY, (Only the VERY BEST quality RAM could be run at its most aggressive timings), e.g. FIC VA 503+ 


Whether or not this RAM may be considered "Defective" because it is incapable of running at 5-5-5 timing in this particular type of board is an open issue. I suppose the thing to do is for Buffalo to test some in one of these boards, and if they can't find samples that work then it is a case of the board being too FUSSY for this quality of RAM. If on the other hand they find that it does work in the majority of cases, then my RAM could be RMAed.

: Re: Problems with DDR2 SDRAM in new computer
: Memoryman January 27, 2010, 04:29:38 PM

When/where did you purchase the RAM? If under 30 days, return to retailer. If over 30 days, Buffalotech will do the RMA service. email me at memoryman@buffalotech.com and I'll send you RMA  instructions, if over 30 days.



: Re: Problems with DDR2 SDRAM in new computer
: JHM April 08, 2010, 07:55:16 PM

The problems have now been resolved. Thanks Memoryman.

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