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: Secure lock ware 2.6.1 crashed with my vista
: agg441 January 09, 2009, 08:51:31 PM

I brought drive station 750 gb. I used the secure lock ware that came wih it. It worked fine with my win XP but didnt recognized my drive on vista (Target drive not found). I checked the Usb it seem to see the ext. drive


Now I try downloading the newer version 2.6.1 and install it the  result was It told me to restart and I did when i boot my windows it crashed.so to restore thing back i need preform a windows recovery back to before i install secure ware.


 Are their anyway to solve my problem Plz help I cannot access my drive without secure ware. Thanks in forward.


: Re: Secure lock ware 2.6.1 crashed with my vista
: dcblueman January 12, 2009, 02:46:32 PM

I had the exact same problem.  Finally called tech support yesterday and after waiting on hold for 40 minutes was told that Secure Lockware is incompatible with Vista.  You are probably stuck (for now at least) with the Memeo software which seems pretty weak when it comes to security.  They are working on making Secure Lockware work with Vista but would not give me a release date.


I found the documentation that came with the unit to be pretty terrible as far as its compatibility with Vista.  The Buffalo and Memeo installation and operation instructions are really lacking, although the Memeo and the drive both seem to be working.

: Re: Secure lock ware 2.6.1 crashed with my vista
: agg441 January 18, 2009, 10:35:27 AM
   I found a solution the thing that make SLW crash is the service name: securelockware with japanese characters if you disable it and set to manual load it will crash the machine ^^