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: FAQ (3 of 5): Setting up WDS on Buffalo DDWRT router
: brian_nathaniel May 25, 2012, 12:36:01 PM

*New* Youtube walk through of the follow DDWRT WDS Setup.




The following are instructions on how to set up WDS between two Buffalo routers running DDWRT. You can use these settings to set up your Buffalo DDWRT router as an access point to a none Buffalo router using the WDS station settings. Just make sure that you put in the information that will pertain to your main router. Example were it says to put the WDS stations IP address to, that would be if your main router is a Buffalo router. If it was for example a Linksys router you would want to put in


You cannot set up WDS between a Buffalo G router and a Buffalo N router running the friendly firmware. You can at least use the two in one way. You have to have the master router be the Buffalo G router and the Slave be the N router. You have to use DDWRT firmware on the N router and set up the N router as a client. You can use the G router as a slave to the N router but only if the G router is running DDWRT which Buffalo does not support.


Start out with a computer wired into the AP.

Access Point (root router) 

AP Basic Wireless config


  1. In Wireless->Basic Settings:

    2. Set Wireless Mode to "WDS AP".

    3. Change the SSID to something known, and note it.

    4. A static Channel is also recommended, but not required.

Click Apply Settings.


  1. In Wireless->Wireless Security:

    2.  Set the security to whatever you like.

    3.  Note the security type and passphrase.

Click Apply Settings.


WDS Station(s)

WDS Station Basic Wireless config

This is the harder part:

  1. Connect the computer to the WDS Station, and set a static on the computer to
  2. Log into the WDS Station's interface.
  3. In Setup->Basic Settings:
  4. Under WAN Connection Type, set Connection Type to "Disabled".
  5. Under Network Setup, Router IP:
  6. Change the Local IP Address to (or something more if using more than one WDS Station).
  7. Change the Gateway to
  8. Under Network Setup, Network Address Server Settings (DHCP), change DHCP Server to "Disable".

Click Apply Settings.

  1. Log in to the new IP address you set for Local IP Address.
  2. Under Wireless->Basic Settings (read carefully, this is where it gets confusing):
  3. Under Physical Interface ath0:
  4. Set Wireless Mode to "WDS Station".
  5. Set Wireless Network Name to the SSID used on the AP (this is the SSID that the WDS Station is connecting to as a client).
  6. Under Virtual Interfaces, click Add.
  7. Under Virtual Interfaces, Virtual Interfaces ath0.1 (this is the interface that client computers can connect to):
  8. Set the Wireless Mode to "AP" (or "WDS AP" if daisy-chaining).
  9. Set the SSID to something DIFFERENT than the previous SSID --IMPORTANT.
  10.   Click Apply Settings.
  11.   Under Wireless->Wireless Security:
  12.   Under Physical Interface ath0, set security settings to match those on the AP.
  13.   Under Virtual Interfaces ath0.1, set security settings. The security settings here may be different than previous, but most likely you'll want to set them the same.
  14.   Click Apply Settings.


Testing The connection

  1. On the WDS Station, navigate to Status->Wireless.
  2. Check under Wireless Nodes. If you've set it up right, you should see a heading called Access Points & Clients. In the table, you should see the AP's MAC address. You don't need to check it... since it's connecting in client mode, if the heading is Access Points & Clients, and you see an entry in the list that has Interface showing "ath0", it's connected correctly.
  3. Try pinging the AP while connected to the WDS Station. If it replies, you're good!
  4. You can also check the status in the AP:
: Re: FAQ (3 of 5): Setting up WDS on Buffalo DDWRT router
: Fjolivo May 29, 2012, 01:05:04 PM
I have: a WZR-HP-AG300H connected to the modem, and a WZR-HP-G450H connected to my desktop pc, I followed every step on this guide and on the video, and it did not work for me. What I can see is that in the Access point & Clients heading, I can see the ath0s connection but it randomly appears and disappears even though it has a 50% signal quality
: Re: FAQ (3 of 5): Setting up WDS on Buffalo DDWRT router
: cakel August 28, 2012, 09:31:36 PM

maybe they got different chipsets, WDS doesn't work well between Broadcom and Atheros chipsets.

: Re: FAQ (3 of 5): Setting up WDS on Buffalo DDWRT router
: kablam0r December 17, 2012, 08:12:28 PM

I followed the video guide to the letter, but when I surn on the WDS station my entire network (wired and wireless) slows down to a complete CRAWL. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?




: Re: FAQ (3 of 5): Setting up WDS on Buffalo DDWRT router
: duanemitchell July 17, 2013, 08:57:56 PM
I followed the video and it seems to work well but I seem to have somekind of DNS thing going on. If I turn off the connected device then everything is fine. If I turn it on it works for a short time, 10-15 minutes, and then I get this unbearably slow response to accessing web pages.
: Re: FAQ (3 of 5): Setting up WDS on Buffalo DDWRT router
: duanemitchell July 20, 2013, 08:18:28 PM
Did the setup for about the 5th or 6th time. This time starting with both WZR-600DHP devices reset to factory defaults. Followed instructions explicitly. Results still suck. Some web pages take minutes to load if at all. Still cannot access the repeater at as it redirects to If I shut the repeater off it all works good.

I would really like to get some suggestions from someone at Buffalo?????
: Re: FAQ (3 of 5): Setting up WDS on Buffalo DDWRT router
: hnosaj October 25, 2013, 12:02:20 PM
I'm having the same issue as everyone else.

They are identical routers but the connection is spotty (even if they're right next to each other) and connected devices are extremely slow (both wired and wireless).
: Re: FAQ (3 of 5): Setting up WDS on Buffalo DDWRT router
: LouisTran December 05, 2013, 05:39:26 AM

How can i WDS with 3 buffalo DDWRT router? I did for 2 router and working well, but the 3th can not gain access to internet, i set the 3th router same setting with 2nd router, can someone tell me how to connect them all together?