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: VPN Setup between 2 WHR-HP-G300N Routers
: Shap_Haque July 11, 2011, 01:01:27 PM

Dear Forum


Really need some help


I have 2 WHR-HP-G300N ?routers and I'm trying to setup a VPN connection between them. One is based in the UK and the other in Germany. I have read all the instructions in the Forum and still can't create a connection using PPTP.


On both routers I have enable PPTP Server and used an IP Range not served but my DHCP service. I have also enabled the PPTP Client and I have used no-ip to provide the redirection service. I have set up the CHAP Secrets.


I can actually access the routers remotely using the no-ip names. For the remote subnet I have used the ip-addr of of the other routers IP Range.  I also have mppe required because they are both Buffalo routers.


What I am trying to do is any device that has an ip-addr of XXX.XXX.XXX.200-210 I want the router to open the VPN connection and redirect the traffic. If the ip-addr is not in the range of XXX.XXX.XXX.200-210 then it should access the local internet connection. I don't have double a NAT? situation and I have allowed the VPN passthrough. 


This is so my PS3 can stream BBC iPlayer from the UK whilst I am in Germany.


Its not working and I'm stuck on what to do next. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated