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: My WHR-G54S may be circling the drain.
: MacGui October 17, 2008, 12:59:43 AM

It's only about a year an a half old, but the wireless side is intermittent, and the throughput is very, very low. I want to try reflashing the firmware (it's v1.40) before I replace it.

Before I do that, I want to Savethe settings so I can restore them after the update.

However when I click the Savebutton, I get a *whole page* of this:

GU|k6%wQ 69M|X5,]Lfr'ۼtv%݂}=evu5mڃ[RWk8Ƣ{2=cuF[һgK<#f& /^;Ԫy`\ytFzӦq 74۟${|ヅӋARFC}wt8fy tlRnuғJi)ke+,*ktu;TL_h{>ZEnݏ Ve)`,EAoW(h6eձbUWyž֛5mEb:4-Ɉ2<t%4Esb[R~ zuADW\SbqVENp?~" Ooc2p0IA-rPifEĜS)B%o *V\Lˆ!~:&yJ+SםR(i$WD]9MXLYLAZDjvCeP٤Fѕר(jKTGw|'V󋸟Ij]G[k S$h'mЦIzrR`Cn1Ue:44t<^hot_rR+Eƛe};"ᛐEqf?*1Ykp K݌U]8:4V(mD 5f'!#Jme>t1aBf2;Jk`([51rz0ᔲ?GM:p6C'\>M(4>YMg߃[F~ol9]hIv^+ԝ|_.yY{ 0< =Ѹg!Tq}J>*X& APm58s> ݷHݖLuӎX-ZL2vPŤ_n+0Q:"CaN<>>E:#goVL$& 49<u虌b+ gq0`raxlVbз!XI6-YTA$5q>pLn#?u̇ VEl酮֎.MQI2n{UZ?t29-#ZOʍ#^ @w|)k 2GU_il@Uq yDg`ƸO: {BHS5J .g0 t%cŐ#9"x }{]V3nl^Qax߼Ɔ߆;l+N!7 ^Lu+?lEF3Jn<@4ܬp;Na4 vPu>l28 8xqjiX: A,rVO 0{MqW%RĈd2+b"s\c3<7tyA.: <c#4?P|8T}P}86ݙf䆪ׅe{q'*nR4|^M.oЪEQھhebaJ[]va=4mڒl:~Wfl0@./W.ALjg'a)aߋkI]dwB9WHlv }i`)5mK͚߸`_mG#e[/[ʹߚ.RժC<gaڇĥ;×p3H]Nv5lС ʁԷʤ:axp3 )~nWH<+.tYa 5F

There's more. A LOT more.

So how do I save the Settings file so I can restore it after the firmware update?

: Additionally...
: MacGui October 17, 2008, 01:25:18 AM
   I'm using Mac OS X- 10.4.11, if that helps.
: Re: Additionally...
: Paul October 20, 2008, 07:24:46 AM
The firmware will not reset the settings.  However it is recommended to set the unit back to factory default, I would see if it works before moving to this step.
: Re: Additionally...
: MacGui October 20, 2008, 03:52:25 PM

"The firmware will not reset the settings."

Understood, but that's not what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to reflash the firmware in the event there is some corruption.

Before I do that, I want to *save* the current settings. When trying to save the settings, I get that "garbage" shown in my firstpost.

Obviously, that will not help me save the settings. So my first question is-- How do I save the setting?

I could reset the router, which is an obvious step in troubleshooting, but first I'd like to save the settings.

If I can't get this thing working, I'll have to return it under warranty, assuming that I don't do anything to void the warranty.And assuming that's the case, what happens then?

Apparently the injuction is still in place. Is Buffalo allowed to perform warranty work on this router?

: Re: Additionally...
: Paul October 21, 2008, 03:56:42 PM

Buffalo can still RMA all wireless products.  Have you tested the config file?

I would make one small change, save the cofig file, then change it back in the web interface.  Reload the new config file see if the changes took.  I am not sure what your using to read the Linux file with in the routers operating system but its a good chance its not Compatible. 

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